Help in Front End Dev

Hey there!

I’m developing a web application for a friend of mine, and I’m with difficulty in the front end development.

I’m stuck trying to create the component bellow; I don’t know how to position the elements.


I don’t know if helps, but I’m using materialize.css.

And also, what do you do when you are trying to code the front end of an image?
How is the process that you try to follow to accomplish it?

Can someone help me, please?

Can you post a link to what you have so far in your project?

It greatly helps others to see the code you have tried, so they can give you pointers on next steps. Also, is this the view you want for a larger screen or mobile device or both?

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I did it!
I’ve kept trying and figured out the whole concept (or a great part of it) about CSS positioning.