Help in Product landing page

Well I’m stuck at a point in my product landing page where I have to design the “Features” section. I’ve desinged it in the same way as given in the project.I’m not able to use flexbox in a way to to keep the icons and the description side by side.Please help me design it.
My page

And I’ve designed it in the same way as given in the pen.Is this a good approach??
How can I improve my designing???

Since the icon and the description are wrapped in their own div that makes sense that they are on separate lines.

One way would be to wrap each icon/description combination in a div with a class called “feature” (for example) and then use a flex display.

<div class="feature">
    <div class="icon"><i class="fas fa-truck fa-3x"></i></div>
    <div class="desc">PUREST INGREDIENTS</div>

A similar approach would be to do what I just described but additionally change the description to have p tags and remove the div on the icon so it looks something like

<div class=feature>
  <p>my description</p>

In the end you probably still need a div around each icon description combo and apply the flex display to it. At least that seems the simplest way to me.