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I don’t know were to put the “children” part in the code.

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 <p> Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff. </p> 
<main> <p> Purr jump eat the grass rip the couch scratched sunbathe, shed everywhere rip the couch sleep in the sink fluffy fur catnip scratched.  </p> </main> 

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“Children” in the sense of being on a sub branch.

So, in this code

<span>Span 1!</span>
  <span>Span 2!</span>
  <span>Span 3!</span>
<span>Span 4!</span>

Here, span 1 and 4 are not children of the div, but 2 and 3 are. You could also say that the div is the parent of 2 and 3. You could also call span 2 and 3 “siblings”.

In tree-like hierarchies like this, it is common to talk about “descendants” and “ascendants” or “ancestors”. If something is a direct (adjacent) descendant or ascendant, we can call them “child” and “parent”. It’s kind of like how a family tree works. You’ll hear this a lot.

Thank you so much. You explained it great and I understood it great. I fixed the code and got it first time. Thank you.