Help is found... but am I plagiarizing?

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Hey, @Alchemixst. I am reaaally stuck too in the chart part, however, it’s not because I’m not passing but I couldn’t understand what to do then I came here and I saw your technique. Thankfully, I got an idea how to do it. I was about to code it but I am very hesitant for it looks very similar to yours (especially in the bar parts) except that I only used a single function (the spend_chart function). I fear that I might be sentenced of plagiarism for it. Can I get your opinion to my code if it looks more plagiarized rather than inspired?

def create_spend_chart(categories):
    total_spending = 0
    percentage = []

    for category in categories:
        total_spending += category.withdrawal()
    for category in categories:
        output = round((category.withdrawal()/total_spending), 2)
        percentage.append(output * 100)

    to_print = "Percentage spent by category\n"
    i = 100
    while i >= 0:
        for percentge in percentage:
            if percentge >= i:
                bar_space += "o  "
                bar_space += "   "
        to_print += str(i).rjust(3) + "|" + " " + "\n"
        i -= 10

    bar = "    " + ("---" * (len(categories))) + "-" + "\n"

    names = []
    for category in categories:
    max_legt = max(categories, key=len)
    names_catg = "     "
    for i in range(len(max_legt)):
        for name in names:
                names_catg += names[i] + "  "
            except IndexError:
        names_catg += "\n"

    return to_print + bar + names_catg

Hey @mhonn,

As long as you didn’t copy the code exactly from his/her code, you’re not technically plagiarising.


Hey! Glad I could help you a bit! This is correct, your code wasn’t copy-pasted, so you’re good.