Help learning React

In a few days I will complete the react section of freecodecamp, this is my second time doing this, I reset my progress last month because I felt that despite completing it, I knew nothing about react.

My main problem with the freecodecamp curriculum is the way its structured, each new exercise doesn’t build upon the last, theres alot of code that exists in the initial state of the exercise thats not written by the actual user. And now Im on my second pass of the material in the react section and I still know nothing about react.

Other than the random quote machine (which I used jquery) I still did not complete the project assignments of the ‘front end libraries’ projects.

A few weeks ago I started with cs50 mobile, as it looks like a complete course in react. However…

There are assignments to be completed with this course. In order to do these assignments there are additional ‘section classes’ these ‘sections’ also exist in the form of recordings. However I did not find these on either of these websites ( or on I was told by the instructor that these are only available students on campus. How can I complete this course without access to these sections? I feel this course is missing material and not able to be completed without these sections.

Additionally there are two links on that return 404 and one additional link that requires special access. So im not sure if there’s also additional material thats missing beyond just the ‘sections’. Is there any way to complete this course without having to be a student on campus at harvard?

Has anyone completed this course? how did you do it without access to the sections?

As far as the projects go, you don’t need to know React to complete them.

In fact, you can do them with just HTML/CSS/Javascript. Don’t let not knowing React hold you back. You can do these projects now while learning React on the side, and later go back and build them again with React.