Help Learning SCSS

Hey all,

Trying to learn Sass, but the documentation is a bit of a monster.

Does anyone have any good tutorials and resources they’ve found?

Throw them here if you do!


Hi, for a quick and quite good introduction, I would recommend this course on Coursera:
Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools

For your purpose, you could simply watch the 4th part:
WEEK 4: Less is More!: Less and Sass
It’s a good introduction, well structured in my opinion


I learnt from the treehouse course for Sass.

It’s taught by the creator of Sass himself.


Mackenzie Child uses SASS in his videos, take a look at them.

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I started out by creating a pen and changing my CSS setting to SASS. I played around with it in codepen and got used to the functionality of SASS then dug deeper from there.

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I recommend Scott Tolinski’s tutorials They used to be on his website, but for some reason he took them down. The good news is that they’re still on his youtube channel.


Yeah, already at that level. I’ve derped about a reasonable amount, and would like some more resources to structure my progression more efficiently.

Which do you think is the best CSS Framework out there? :eyeglasses:

what is it exactly that you do not understand about sass or want to understand ?

It’s not so much about understanding as it is ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

Hence why I’m asking for resources so I can fill in any gaps I don’t know about.

so basically you want to know all the things you can accomplish with SASS and what you can do with it?

In a way, yes, that is what I am looking to do.

6 Likes is what you need. Start with beginner till advanced (Navigation tabs). It gonna give you a very good grasp about the possibilities you have with Sass

Thanks for the Videos

you’re welcome. That channel is a hidden gem :heart_eyes:

Just watched a few videos. Hidden gem indeed. Simple and straightforward.

Many thanks.

Also, there are numerous great links on one post in the subreddit.

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codecademy have a new sass course


Sweet, did not know about that one. I’ll have to take a look.