HELP! Local weather API

Hi everyone!
I’m starting with my Local Weather app. Before entering css and making it pretty I wanted to see how the API for getting the location and weather work.
I’m having problems though…

  1. Im gettinng de location (lat and long) with the navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition and that is working fine. Think it only works with I’m in https
  2. MY PROBLEM is with the API… I think I entered everything ok and is still not reading it :frowning: Anybody can help me with this.

Here is my codepen

Happy coding .

I see one very clear error to start your debugging :wink:

Uncaught Error: Bootstrap's JavaScript requires jQuery. 
jQuery must be included before Bootstrap's JavaScript.
 at bootstrap.min.js:6

Don’t forget to open your developer tools to see your errors :slight_smile: