Help! lost work!

I am unable to get my work, its all gone.

i tried signing in with github but nothing.

I can see my profile here on forums but I dont know how to go to “maps” from here (


nah, it didn’t work.

Your link took me to the curriculum and its all from the beginning. All my work is gone

Your progress is not lost. You can see all of the lessons you’ve completed on your public portfolio and the curriculum page (the link that @BenGitter supplied) is the new “map” and will show your completed lessons as “checked”. If you go to your public portfolio and see that it displays no completed lessons then a new account was created when you attempted to log in. If that has happened, you will need to email and ask Quincy to manually merge your accounts. If that’s necessary, please be patient. Quincy is getting a metric shitton of emails right now.

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