Help me before I get mad

Hello Everyone,
I am Raqeeb And I am from Sri Lanka
I started learning python last month.
Now I am absolutely frustrated and I left python cuz I can’t understand OOP and I think I can’t think like a programmer to solve basic hacker rank questions.
And my friend said freecodecamp is a great resource
And know there are many curriculum’s to follow.
My am ambition is to be a full stack developer, and a bug bounty hunter.
So can anyone say how should I do my curriculum.

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If you want to learn full stack development, then I suggest following freeCodeCamp’s curriculum from the beginning. You’ll learn about OOP and solving problems programmatically via JavaScript, and you’ll be able to carry those skills through to Python and other languages.


Thanks a lot mate
I appreciate it a lot.

Hi @Raqeeb_Ameen!

I also want to add that you just started a month ago. It takes time for this stuff to sink in through lots of study and practice.

Hope that helps!


Hello, Raqeeb.
I have to say I’ve been working on python coding for about 2 years now. I still do not understand everything with it and still have issues getting code out and working. It happens but the better you can refine your question for the problem at hand the better the solution you can get by googling or even asking the question on a forum!