Help me choosing my labtop!

Hello people ,
I need help to choose laptop to buy, I have a PC , it’s not new , but i can do my work on it, but now i joined the college and I can’t take my PC with me to the college , so I have to buy laptop to practice coding and do my work on Photoshop and illustrator & premier and AE and other ADOBE Products.
the problem here that is my budget is too low , It’s about (7000-8000 L.E) it’s about ($450-500) I know It’s too low but that’s because my country economics problems !!!
so the issue here , that i need a laptop which can capable to finish my work on the previous apps I have mentioned without any bugging or freezing(Efficiently).
so can anyone select the best laptop for my budget !

NOTICE #1 : I get some deals to buy MAC laptops for only $300 , but It’s a old models , I wonder if it’s good or bad ?

NOTICE #2 : can I Get an SSD laptop with this budget ?

Why don’t you work with Gimp, Inkscape etc. and use the money for a better laptop?

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Buying an older Mac and upgrading the RAM might be an option. I think it used to be easier to add RAM on older models, and it can really give them the kick they need for image intensive programs.

Gimp and Inkscape are fine as long as the differences between them and Adobe products are not deal breakers for college.

I’m a massive fan (self link, YouTube) of GIMP, but it’s not a completely perfect replacement for PS.

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what do you mean with deal breakers?

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Yeah, sorry - that was unclear :slight_smile:

I just mean, if the course expect you to use PS specifically, then GIMP could be a problem.

this apps is not as professional as photoshop, and the second reason that i have worked with Adobe products for several years.

well , my work not for the college , but I use Photoshop for my personal website design and clients sites design , and i think Photoshop & illustrator is a good apps for websites work.
but I really like the idea of upgrading the old mac , but how can i do that !

I have the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series (about $700) laptop. I got it simply because I wanted a cheaper laptop that still had enough power to play high-performance games (Gaming laptops usually run $1200+). I got the HDD version, and it does run a little slow as of the file system, but apps and games run great!

Getting an older mac is a really good idea. Keep in mind you can also purchase a laptop with a HDD, and later once you have more money upgrade to a SSD.

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i bought a 14’ X1 Carbon thinkpad on craigslist for $450. it has touchscreen, i7, 8gb ram and amazing keyboard w/ touchpad. for OS i dual boot linux/win10. considering i code for both its very practical for >me<

people are getting rid of “OLD” computers lately. this is a great time to pick these specs up. if you want to develop for ios phones you can with Visual Studio. however to talk to my linux servers is why i dual boot. its much eaiser to >reboot and grub to linux to use the terminal.

also look into getting computers with low harddrive space. you can swap the drives for super cheap now. a 500gb ssd PCIE codt me only $120 around jan this year. which i only use 1/3 of it.

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in short look @ THINKPAD

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