Help me finding a framework to make a "Map app"

I want to build an app that lets user save sites on a global map (exactly the same as google maps lets you save sites).

I know theres a JS framework called Leaflet and a popular similar product called Mapbox.

However I am not sure which one (or even if any of this two) could be used for what I want to do.

Any advice guys?

Mapbox is a map provider, like Google Maps. It’s a company. Leaflet is a JS library for dealing with maps (produced by one of the Mapbox developers).

You would use Leaflet to interact with maps provided by the Mapbox service if you used those two in combination.

Leaflet gives you the ability to take spatial information and plot it onto a map. It’s really nice to work with, it just takes a second to understand how everything works together. I have a database standing up that contains spatial information that I store as a layer and then apply to the basemap. It’s really easy to work with and I believe that Leaflet provides you with a few tutorials to work with.

I would say that you could have a user click a location on the map and then display a marker. If they save the location of the marker, I would store the location in a PostgreSQL database that had the extension PostGIS. PostGIS is a really nice extension that allows you to easily store point or line data.

I’ve never had experience with Mapbox so I can’t really give you information about that tool.

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