Help me, i am not understand

can you explain this? i am not understand. Thank you!
sorry if my english is not good

Hi @ringgarestu !

Welcome to the forum!

It would be easier to help you if you provided your codepen link.

Is it allowed to share my project?

Yes :grinning:
Please share with us

I don’t understand the part of filling class in project-tile

Can you confirm which project you are working on?

The image you shared earlier was from the portfolio project.

But it looks like you are working on the tribute page.

no, i am working on personal portfolio but i don’t understand part number 4

Ok, it seems to be a little bit of confusion.

The projects section for the portfolio is supposed to contain the other 4 projects you did in the responsive design course.

What the test is looking for is a section of your projects in the html section.

But I am still a little confused by why you are creating a page on black sabath.

The portfolio project should be about you and your previous projects.
Does that make sense?

The portfolio projects should be functionally similiar to the sample

wait? am i wrong?
i think this project was replaced all from the example and builds a website based on a series of tests

Yes you are supposed to follow these tests

But the confusion is that, your current code is not going to pass these tests.

For example, you wrote this

<main id="projects">

but all of the code you placed inside of it has nothing to do with projects.
For example, you have stuff like this

 <section id="tribute-info">

There shouldn’t be a section for tribute-info if you are not working on the tribute page.

The portfolio page should just have your name, and section for your projects

This is an example projects section

<section id="projects">
  <div class="fcc-project">
    <h3>Project 1</h3>
    <a href=""><img src="url" alt=""></a>

I personally think you would benefit more by starting over.
A lot of the content you currently have is not making sense for this portfolio project.

Hope that helps!

hmm, thank you for your advice. And i will ask if i am still confused

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