Help me in software engineering

Hello everyone

I decided to become a Software Engineer, but I don’t know where to start, so I would like to ask you a few questions:

  1. What should I study?

  2. Projects (beginners, intermediate, and advanced)


Hello !
Software engineering is really big part , you should choose what you want . That’s why FCC is here because they guide you to be a full stack developer ( if that what you want).
Concerning where to start , you’re on the right place . Start from the beginning which is responsive web design certification ( HTML CSS )
Finally you should keep yourself motivated to achieve your dream ( since 2014 40k people find a job at big companies with these certificates. )
All i can say now is Good luck for this journey!

You should find which types of softwares you want to do. Mobile apps? or PC apps? or extension? Or Shopify/Wordpress plugins, etc. There are many things. Each part will require some knowledge in different computer languages.

If you don’t have a particular domain that you know that you’re interested in, then starting with web programming through freeCodeCamp is a really good place to begin. There are projects as you go along, which answers your second question.

if you don’t want to start with web development, you can take a look at freeCodeCamp youtube channel, there are video-courses and tutorials on many different topics, or there is also CS50: Introduction to Computer Science course by Harvard (which also has projects to do meanwhile)