Help me out on opinions on my protfolio

I am not only working on this in FreeCodingCamp but as well in my AP Computer Science class in High School

This portfolio was first created in 2013 as a google site but has been reimaged in 2014-2015 as a weebly site.

I want to know opinions and maybe ways to maybe up my game in my portfolio/resume so please feel free to critque

Thank you!

I am not going to be of much help because I love what you did with your portfolio and don’t think it needs any improvement ( other than eventually replacing Lorem ipsum text with real info). It looks great on wide and narrow screen, the navbar works well, the design is well balanced. Well done, you made a great page, I see a bright future in coding and design for you :slight_smile:

I love the overlay nav menu. Very nice looking.

Really love your portafolio, here some hints:

Change the default link color of the projects page.
Make the thumbnails of the home the same size
:wink: Great Job