Help me please i hit a brick wall

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I’ve been trying my best to learn this and i thought i was doing ok but now i am not so sure. I am completrly lost as what i need to do or and how i do it? do i download a program to help me make this tribute page? Anyone who has some time and is willing to help me would you please give me your info. I would pay you but I am broke but for helping me you would not only be doing a good thing and would receive positives from karma but you would also be getting a friend who will help you in anyway that i can if you ever needed it ( im a plumber so maybe i can tell you how to fix your plumbing next time it goes to hell) who knows. So please i really need someone who knows there shit to help me. Thanks and hope someone replies.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hey @coreyr1187!

First of all, calm down and

  • think about whom you are going to tell about.
  • Then go to Google Fonts To choose the font you are going to use the entire website.
  • Then get content from the internet or your own content too and images (Which are allowed to be used)
  • See test result in the test suite and ask for feedback in the forum.
  • the last step, Submit your link to fCC

Hope this helps you,
Thanks and Happy Coding!

this is the first stepping stone of the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

take an user story at a time, go back often to review the previous challenges, use your favourite research engine…

can you create on your own an element with the id of main that will contain all the other elements?

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Hello! Congrats on getting to your first challenge! I am currently finishing up the second challenge and felt way overwhelmed when I pulled up the tribute page too.

One thing that helped me: look through the code on the sample and remind yourself what it all means if you feel like you can’t remember or write any of it. Look through the html to understand what the elements are constructing on the page, then build it. Don’t worry about the CSS until you’re ready to style, then look through the sample’s CSS code to understand what it’s doing.

I changed around my tribute page so much because I kept looking back and having “ah-ha” moments as I understood more and more. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as you are passing the tests in Codepen you’re passing the project.

Don’t be afraid to lookup elements and style properties to see what they do, I’ve found that w3schools has some great explanations.

Hope that helps!

update … I have been really trying to do this and its going good. My tribute page and my other 2 assignments might not look the best but the more i do the better i am getting. I am starting to get the hang of css, html and i just started on java script. hell i even dabbled into some python. I really am hoping to make a career out of this but sometime i just don’t believe that i can get paid for doing this. This is fun to me hard to believe i can get paid to have fun. someone tell me how i can get paid to do this please…

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getting a job, or freelancing - in any case working with this

or creating an app/software and selling it

keep learning and you will arrive at a point that you could be hired