Help me please i'm stuck

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ive been stuck on this for 2 days no matter what i do nothing is working

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var myStr; // Change this line

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Challenge: Escape Sequences in Strings

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It really is frustrating to get stuck!

What have you tried so far? What’s your understanding of what the question is asking you?

i looked at other peoples post tried what they did i undersand there should be no spaces and the diffrent types of backslashs but i try to do it as it says and says its wrong

var myStr = FirstLine\n\t\\SecondLine\nThirdLine

Your answer should look like this. What did you try?

i tryed that and other ways to

i figired it out thanks it was a mistype

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Yes, it’s very easy to misread odd text like escape characters!

thank u so much tho i tend to do that

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