Help me please to me to get in the right way

Can anyone five me please some advise ?

Last Friday I have finished my Basic four task requested : [ HTML and HTML5] [Basic CSS][ Responsive Web Design Principles][CSS Flexbox] but I can’t book any appointment with my Coach, the calendar is not taking any appointments. I have emailed her but I didn’t get a response yet and I am very keen to start the March course. My profile is visible and I have emailed her my username.
Please which one is the normal procedure to get enrolled ?
Many thanks.

whatever you are doing is not part of what freeCodeCamp offer so we can’t help with it here

Ok thank you. I have already sent some other emails of request of support.

Do you mind telling us what program you’re working with? I’m always curious what courses are using the freeCodeCamp curriculum and how they integrate it.

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