Help me please with datascience

Im going to have an exam in data science in 2 weeks. I stil dont understans how to study for it and code. I would be extremely helpful if yall could come with tips, thanks.

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Hi queenstexph,
#1: Breath-DONT PANIC.
#2. Get paper and pen and write down a ‘BULLET LIST’ what you have gone over, learned or should now :wink:
#3. Look over your bulleted list and Fill in the list. Write definitions, draw pictures, etc anything that helps you remember.
#4. RE-Write your list, clearly, look up words you don’t know, etc.
#5. Show your friends your list and ask them what you left out.
#6 RE-Write the list. Add in the stuff your friend told you.
#7. RE-Write the list again.

I am a HUGE believer that you Can learn through your arm. Seeing it, writing it, Thinking about it, Start to all Work together.

In 1.5 weeks you should have an awesome cheat sheet.

Does that help?

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