Help me Regarding references for Javascript books

Hai. I have recently started my Javascript section. But it is really difficult solve the exercises as I am not getting any concept regarding that exercise or I am not able to understand the concepts, especially, ES6 section of JavaScript where I stuck at almost all the exercises i have completed till now. I really feel that I going blindly, just filling the blanks in the problem code, which is not giving me a good learning experience in learning the JavaScript. And I think that, need some reference books that will help to understand the concepts of JavaScript as well as help to solve the problems, which make me realize what I am doing.

Thank you

First of all, confusion is normal. This is hard stuff. And I like that - that’s why this pays well. And yes - I haven’t looked at the ES6 section in a while, but the most recent version I remember seeing of it was not well written.

But ES6 is just “javascript” now - you will see it everywhere.

As far as references, the most important JS reference I use is the MDN web site. It’s a little technical, but it is good, thorough, reliable information. As a professional dev, I am double checking little things at least once a day there. It’s impossible to memorize everything.

If ES6 is giving you a problem, I would suggest going to youtube and looking for some videos on the different subject. Sometimes seeing someone using them will help.

You may not be ready for it, but once you get there, the You Don’t Know JS books are great at getting advanced into the language. They are free ebooks you can download. But you’re probably not ready for those.

But seriously, don’t worry about learning these things perfectly or anything. Just keep learning and keep getting better. It sinks in gradually.

And if you get stuck on a concept, ask here. I guarantee - there is no question you can ask that at least a dozen other people are wondering about but are too chicken to ask.


There are quite a lot of great javascript references. Some of them get into one or the other particular aspects of javascript, but there are many many out there.

Going through my Google Drive (I keep most of them there, PDF format), I see:

  • Functional programming in Javascript
  • Typescript
  • React (and React/Redux, and React/Redux/Firebase, and all sorts of React)
  • Node and Express
  • Javascript Anthology (Soup to nuts, great reference)
  • Vue, Angular, Backbone… frameworks in general
  • Pro Javascript Design Patterns
  • TONS of references, from basic to master, for ‘vanilla js’

And there are also a lot of links, to things like “You Don’t Know Javascript” (which you’ll often see cited as YDKJS ) or MDN or devdocs… There are TONS of great resources.

Then there’s the forums here, various study groups… Yeah, there are resources.

Best of luck!

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The 10 days of Javascipt - This youtube playlist is what gave me my “Aha! Everything is just an object!” moment after many months of long nights utter confusion trying to solve curriculum challenges.

Eloquent Javascript - I like this book a lot. It’s free online and has deep but clear explanations. - a js tutorial site with a well organized presentation. Not too dense but still comprehensive


Eloquent Javascript is an excellent reference, and one that, if i actually HAD it in print, would be very dog-eared by now. And probably dropped in the bathtub (Good Omens appendix reference - how nerd are you?)