Help me review my first project

I just finished my first project (the tribute page). It passed all checks by the FCC script. And it’s responsive too to some extent.
Since it’s my first project, it will be very helpful if I can get some feedback on the code structure, layout, code hygiene and such things.
Here is the link

Thanks for your time. Have a good day.

PS. Don’t know if it’s relevant or not: The main container is capped at 1920. It won’t go larger on larger screen.


Hello there! Haven’t been on the forums for a while but wow. That looks amazing. My first project wasn’t very responsive and didn’t have the style. Your’s looks truly amazing! Good job!

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Thank you! I really appreciate it.

@bluebug If you want to see mine here you go!

Again it is not very good and I don’t think responsive. Yours is awesome!

It looks great to me. I think as long as your code is perfect, design can be taken care of :slight_smile:
My github link is not giving me that script GUI by the way. Any idea how to get it?
I added it as <script ></script> in both body and head.

When you click your github link it doesn’t have the test suite? Is that what you mean. It is working fine for me.

Yeah it doesn’t show for me. Only shows in Codepen.

Try taking it out of the head and it should work

Oh cool! It works now. Thanks a lot.
But why it doesn’t work in head? I thought head is the appropriate place for scripts.

Javascript shouldn’t be in the head. Google fonts, bootstrap links, font awesome icons, etc can be in the head.

Understood. Thanks. :+1:

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I think there is a way for <script></script> tags to exist in the head but it requires some more stuff I just always put them on the last line of my body!

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I think the main reason why script tags should be at the bottom is because the html file loads from top to bottom. If the test suite is in the head then it will load that first before the rest of your html document. If there are problems with your script or there is a lot of javascript then that can slow down the load of the page.


Your page looks good @bluebug. Something to revisit;

  • Do not use the <br> element to force line breaks or spacing. That’s what CSS is for.
  • It’s a nit but the 1887 milestone is repeated
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  • Do not use the <br> element to force line breaks or spacing. That’s what CSS is for.

Okay. How to do line break then at precise point? And you see that last two words (that are getting highlighted) : the animation doesn’t work if that line is broken for the limited paragraph space. So I had to force break it to always be on a new line. Can any other work around be done to achieve it?

  • It’s a nit but the 1887 milestone is repeated

Oh right! Good catch. Totally missed it. Fixed now. Thanks :+1:t4: