Help me review my Portfolio

Hey there! Trying to get more active on the forums as I am hoping to try and help some people as it will hopefully help me learn. I am struggling a bit. Just wanted to make a post and get some feedback on my portfolio all criticism is thanked!

Add comments and review the poll thanks!

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Hey @landon.h.lloyd!

Just a couple of things.

The links for the projects are a little hard to read. So maybe you could add a background color of maybe white so the links can be easier to read.

Secondly,If I want to see go to a certain section ,I have to open up the hamburger menu, click on the section, close the menu and then see your content. To me it seems like a lot of clicks to get where I want to go.

On another note, I checked out your github activity and you have definitely been busy these past few months. It’s great that you are learning all of this stuff at 14 years old. That is really impressive and you should be proud.

Good job!

Happy coding!

@jwilkins.oboe thanks for the feedback! It is good to have a new POV on the page. I will definitely fix the links and I will look into how and change it so you just have to click once and the hamburger will disappear. Thanks! I have been losing motivation with school and stuff going on and the front end library projects are hard! Gotta keep going though. Thanks!

I just added the white behind the links!

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