Help me think through tasks for the Simon Game

I can kick myself for not taking advantage of this forum, before. I came here last week and was amazed, how helpful You guys are.
I put this project on back burner, about 4 weeks ago as I got bogged down trying to get CSS right.
So I went ahead and completed Pomodoro Timer and Tic-Tac-Toe.
This is my final project in the Front End Development and for personal reasons, probably unlikely, but I would love to complete Front End Development in next 10 or 12 days ( I get to my 74th birthday!!!). It will do my ego power-of-good.

So what am I asking?
So far, I have got the timer to run and light up the color sequence. For now, I have set random sequence to 5.
I could do with some help in setting out clear guidelines of how I should proceed. I was thinking that if all tasks were broken up in little chunks, I could go ahead and write appropriate functions.

Reading above, it all seems vague and woolly but I hope it makes some sense.
BTW, I did not know what Javascript was until I started this course - so please be gentle.

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Wow, the design of your Simon game is really nice! Getting bogged down in the CSS paid off.

I’ll probably miss something, but from what I recall here are the individual tasks I tried to implement for the full project:

  1. Have the computer generate a random sequence of 20 moves.
  2. Have the computer play x number of those moves per turn, where x = the turn number.
  3. Each ‘pad’ should light up and make a sound to signify each move.
  4. The player should press the pads in order and their input needs to be compared to the computer’s last sequence.
  5. If the player sequence matches the computer sequence, progress to next turn, otherwise repeat the computer sequence.
  6. Implement a ‘strict’ mode, resulting in ‘game over’ if player sequence is wrong.

I think that was all of it. I won’t reveal how I stored the various states of the game though - that’s the fun bit for you to figure out. (And by ‘fun bit’, I mean the bit that had me tearing my hair out :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for responding. Must say, you are very generous with your compliment. CSS still not right. I need to work on z-index.
I think I have got no 1, sorted although to make life easier, I am working 5 moves.
Would you tackle the tasks in the order you have noted are there any traps?
I sort of understand arrays so I was hoping to use for most of the tasks.

Your CSS is much nicer than mine!

I think that was the order I did them in - It was quite a while ago now, so I’ve likely buried most of the trauma.

I did use arrays for the sequences. I broke mine up into lots of small functions, but it was still quite repetitive…but I think that’s ok, really. For me, the only real trap was keeping all the logic straight in my head.

Oh, I remembered another job: updating the display with the turn number / score.

Thanks. I am encouraged
Nothing wrong with your CSS.

For guys of my vintage, chunkier - the betther.