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The thirdLetterOfLastName variable should have the value of v .

You should use bracket notation.

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// Setup
var lastName = "Lovelace";

// Only change code below this line

var thirdLetterOfLastName = lastName[v]; // Change this line

Use Bracket Notation to Find the Nth Character in a String

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@camperbot help to solve this challenge

You need to put the correct number inside of the brackets so that thirdLetterOfLastName is assigned the third letter of lastName (which happens to be a v). You cannot use letters to index into a string in the way you are attempting.

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thank you @JeremyLT

@JeremyLT pls help still it says it’s not correct. can you comment down the solution

Remember that indexing in JavaScript is zero-based, so lastName[0] would return the first letter of the string.


@jsdisco thank you very much …

still it’s not working @jsdisco

What is your updated code?

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// Setup
var lastName = "Lovelace";

// Only change code below this line

var thirdLetterOfLastName = lastName[0]; // Change this line

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The challenge wants you to find the third letter of the last name.

What you wrote here.

is for the first letter.

If you console.log(lastName[0]) then you will see that it returns the letter L.

Change the number in the brackets so it returns the letter v.


still, it says that it’s wrong please help me.

// Setup

var lastName = "Lovelace";

// Only change code below this line

var thirdLetterOfLastName = console.log(lastName[2]); // Change this line

You are not supposed to include the console.log in your answer.

That was just to show you what is actually being printed.

Remove that and it should pass.

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@jwilkins.oboe thank you for your help. I passed

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Hi, accessing the characters of a string/array in any programming language with bracket notation uses index. The indexing starts with 0 and in this case,

var lastName = "Lovelace";

The indices of each character would be as follows:
Character: [ ‘L’, ‘o’, ‘v’, ‘e’, ‘l’, ‘a’, ‘c’, ‘e’ ]
Indices: [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]

When you normally count the third letter would always be at 2nd index. So your answer would be

var thirdLetterOfLastName = lastName[2];  

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