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<p1 >
Kitty ipsum  dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere 
<p1 >
stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff.


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Challenge: Introduction to HTML5 Elements

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Kindly check the available tags in HTML.

Hi @amalimohamedelamine

There is syntax error in your code.

You have written p1 but there is no such element in HTML
It is p element.

Correct it.

Thank you.

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Hello @junaidshaikh_js, thanks for helping out people. But as a suggestion I’d say don’t give them full solution, so that they can find the problem on their own.


Yes, right @w3bdev
I will take care next time.

Thank you.


@amalimohamedelamine there are 6 levels of heading in HTML, e.g., h1, h2, etc.

But there is no such level for p tag. So HTML does not understand p1 tag.

Also check for unnecessary white-spaces in your code, e.g., <p > is wrong. It would be <p>.

Lastly, try to use indentation for child elements. It helps in readability of your code.

I hope it helps. Happy coding.

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see you are a new coder so you r thought to write some paragraph under p tag which is basically use to write the main content of your web page,in this module you won’t have to work hard just any 2-3 alphabets and the program will write all ur p tag element

thank you for your answer.


I haven’t heard about p1 tag in HTML before. I don’t think it’s available html tag. It does has Heading 1, Heading 2, … (H1, H2,…).

Perhaps you can use a WYSIWYG HTML Editor to help you with editing - pretty straight forward for HTML works.

thank you bro resoved :innocent: