Help me to Rise up

I know I am hard-worker and I can stay for days in the same problem even when I am struggling. Every time i get challenged I think of future myself as a CEO of my tech company with hope of innovation.Recently I have watched finale of ‘Silicon valley’ (which is break down of startup in one day,its so sad to see). This just broke my heart and got demotivated and I worry one that could happen to me also.May be I have become soft and I know I don’t have to worry about the future. I have keep those feeling aside and work hard for my dream.Could you please give me a little bit of hope or recommend me any thing because I need my internal fire back.Thanks

Hello @Deshanm123 welcome back to the forums! Hope you find that “fire”!

I usually take a more philosophical route to these posts. The idea or feeling of failure, is usually worse than failure itself. Failure is temporary, if your startup fails… so what? You can go build another one, a better one with all the experience you gained in the first.

Its just like life, whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Its more about the journey not the destination. Even if that destination is a startup failing, maybe its just a stepping stone further down the line? At least its experience for a stepping stone to more life experience. An experience that you should enjoy while you can, a journey you should enjoy, regardless of where it takes you :slight_smile:


Hello, Deshanm123. :grinning:

You must remember that failing does NOT make YOU a failure, as long as you keep learning and trying new things to meet your next challenge. Nobody likes failing, of course, but it is a fact of life, so it is very important that you learn how to handle it properly. One might say that you need to fail successfully… :thinking:

I am still learning to get comfortable with the idea that I will continue to fail many, many times. Ironically, as I come to terms with that fact, I become less afraid to attempt new projects. What do I have to lose? Motivation is easier to come by when I’m not paralyzed with the fear that it won’t work out.

One fear that I do indulge in is that if I choose to do nothing, that is a 100% guaranteed failure, no matter what the odds against my success are. That helps me keep moving things forward. :sweat_smile:

Best of luck!

Hi @Deshanm123 !

Just remember, this is all supposed to happen for a reason.
This is just part of your narrative.

One day, when you are successful and being interviewed your story will resonate with someone who is currently struggling. They will be inspired to not give up because you didn’t give up.

Just take it day by day and keep learning and building. :grinning:

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