HELP ME with my tribute page! Step 8

I dont know what im doing wrong with the step 8! I have 9/10 points, but Im stucked there, also freecodecamp says that i cant share my code for security reasons! what should i do?

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Hey there,

Could you be so kind as to share your codepen link, which will make us able to check your code and help you through?

The link that you have shared is freeCodeCamp’s test suite.

We need your pen to check. The same kind of link which is belong to your pen.

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There are several things to follow, first; you should select the id or the HTML Tag.
In your CSS file, you have selected #img which does not exist. You have #image or img to select in your CSS file.

And making images responsive, you should define max-width, which you made 0. It should be 100%.
Maybe you would like to re-visit the Make an Image Responsive lesson which I’m putting below:

Final tip: if you change your CSS selector to #image and make max-width:100%, your tribute page will pass the test.


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Thank you so much, now is fixed!

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