Help Me with the answes to these questions

How does the DIMM memory technology offer better performance over the SIMM
memory technology
d) Explain how the memory hierarchy helps in solving the design constraint of
computers’ memory
e) Explain the difference between the SCSI and SAS storage interface technologies and
state how their mode of transmission impact performance

These sound like homework questions. We aren’t a homework answer service, but we’re happy to help you refine what you understand about these questions.

What answers do you have so far?

Yes it’s a home work questions which I have tried it but I couldn’t answer

Like I said, we can’t write the answers for you. We can only help you refine what you have.

I would find it hard to believe that you couldn’t find the answer to this using the googles. I just tried it and got several reasons why DIMM is superior in a matter of seconds.

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Pls send me the answers here

Sorry dude, but you’ll have to do your own googling.

No. Do not continue to ask for answers after we tell you it is against the forum rules.

hello Asante!

We want to help you learn here just like your teachers do.
Do you think your teachers would want you to copy your homework from someone else?
Of course not.

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