Help me with this Tic Tac Toe game

Can someone tell me why this doesn’t work?

I follow all the instruction but it still doesn’t work, and I still can’t see where’s the problem.
So, please tell me where is the problem.


Which “instructions”?

I don’t understand how you got this far without things working. Back up and break the problem into pieces. Make sure each piece works. This is part of what you are learning. And you are learning how to debug. Start by putting console.log statements in key points and seeing where it doesn’t give you the response you expect. If you reach a point where you know what it is doing what you don’t expect and can’t figure out why, that’s when you ask a question.

The “I have a big program that doesn’t work, please spend a lot of time doing the debugging I should do” approach isn’t best for you or us. I’m not trying to discourage you - I’m just trying to get you going in the right direction. Yes, it is frustrating. But this is part of what you are learning.