Help me with your feedback - Technical Documentation Page!

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you in advance for your time. The title says it all. I would appreciate if you could take a quick look at the fourth project i’ve been working on toward the first certificate - which would be to build a technical documentation page!

This is the furthest i’ve reached in Web Development and it’s a struggle at each step. However there is a slight change to an otherwise frustrating condition.

I have started to feel more confident in my skills, meager as they are. I think this might be the breakthrough i’ve been looking for - for several years now . That gives me hope. :smiley:

I’ll stop there before i get all soppy and embarrass myself.

Addendum: Before I go and forget, here is an article that I found really useful from Thomas Frank’s page on Feynman’s technique of knowledge acquisition and absorption. I think it might be useful to everyone who struggles against some, perceived, insurmountable obstacle.

Thank you once again!

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you project is awesome i realy like it

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I think it’s great too. but you should start by explaining <!doctype>

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I liked the page overall, specially the color theme is really unique and catchy.
From a user perspective, one thing which I would suggest is to highlight whole sentence while mouse it hovered over it(to avoid ambiguity). For eg in below image text “HTML” in the “SO WHAT IS HTML” is n’t covered inside the highlighted rectangle. So may be you can check it once.
P.S. I have checked the project in Firefox.