HELP! My YT Video has refused to play!

Hey guyz.

Someone pls help a frustrated learner who’s scoured (aka Googled) for a solution but has hit a brick wall (i.e. am just tired now)…

I am working on my Landing Page and for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out why the video is not playing once the site becomes responsive.

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Hi Karen,
i have viewed your landing page, the YT video worked fine for me, even when i viewed it in mobile viewing…page looks good through.

The reason your video does not play in mobile view is probably because some element is overlapping in front of your iframe, to fix this change the z-index of your .video-frame to 10 and it will work.

.video-frame {
    z-index: 10;
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Thank you for the compliment. And time you took to have a look.

Turns out the heading was in the way. :neutral_face:

Tried that out but the heading was being cut off…

Don’t even know if this is a proper way but i have reduced the height of the video-heading-img class…took a fresh look and noted how it was occupying the whole container.

Well. It works. For now.

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