Help needed for javascript slot machine

Can anyone please point out what did I do wrong here? I am breaking my head searching but still not able to pass this challenge

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I have the same issue. Look’s like it bugged, because test desctiptions are broken too :slight_smile:

I’m also having the same problem. I think there’s some issue on their end that’s not registering it properly. Hopefully it’ll get worked out soon!

@VladislavDen @oliverDL ya thanks. Since u both also have the same problem seems like an issue on their end.

I had the same problem, was wondering if it’s a bug or feature :slight_smile:

Me too :(( and some next challenges too :((

I think the issue is there in 3 of the 4 challenges related to the slot machine. I’m going to report it as a bug and see if I hear back/something happens

I had the same problem here =(, hope they fix soon

Pretty sure this has already been reported as a bug on the repo.

Please add comments to the bugs if you have anything more to add.