Help Needed - I feel very lost :/

Hey everyone,

I want to make a back-end developer portfolio online and show off the API JSON projects I’ve created by providing links to a hosted version so that visitors can experience that it works, not just take my word for it.

What are the steps I should take for this? I know how to build the other aspects of the site, but I am clueless on how to get the projects (that are working perfectly when I localhost them) to be hosted to show to others.

I have no idea how to properly word this for a search query even, as I’ve tried hours of Googling and feel even more lost now.

Literally, any help at all is so so appreciated


Welcome to the community @ShallowSept !
I will tell you that I am far from being a backend developer. But, I do like to research things. :slight_smile:

I want to make a **back-end developer portfolio online** and show off the **API JSON projects** I’ve created by **providing links to a hosted version** so that visitors can experience that it works, not just take my word for it.

Try typing the above into Bing Chat. It gave me some feedback on that part of your question, along with great tips on how to o present it and where might be good options.

Happy coding!


Hi @anon42932716
Thank you for replying so fast :slight_smile: I’ve put it through ChatGPT and it has recommended a few hosting services. I’ll have a look through and update the thread if I can get it working.

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You are very welcome!

I hope that the suggestion provided help you achieve your goal @ShallowSept !

Bing Chat is my main go to outside of the fCC News category, which is accessed through either the menu, or the search at the top of the page.

If Bing was a person, it would have given up on me already. lol

Happy coding!

I’ve decided to use AWS Lamba hosting to get my projects live, and have found many good YouTube videos explaining it all!
(I would link them but I am unsure as to the Forum’s rules on external YouTube link promotion etc)

Thanks for the prompt help, apologies for having a bit of a meltdown lol


Hey man - I was looking for the same answer! Cheers. ChatGPT is life changing for us devs.

Doing a project with Angular, Node with Express, DynamoDB, Amazon AWS Lambda

Feel free to share your stuff, Im a ‘senior’ developer and am currently upskilling! Happy to give my 2 cents

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