Help needed to upload image on Tribute Page - All tests passed

I have repeatedly tried uploading various images, but I have failed.
I have passed all the tests. And I want to understand why I am failing to upload the image.
Any help appreciated. Also any feedback on the page is most welcome.
link to my page

code line:
Eddie Van Halen seen tapping


Just as a point of terminology, I wouldn’t call this “uploading”, your just linking to an outside resource.

But the issue is here:

      <img id="image" scr="" alt="Eddie Van Halen seen tapping">

You are misspelled “src”, short for “source” (presumably).


Thank you Kevin.
I am now curious as to why the “HTML Analyser” did not pick that one up?

I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t check if the attributes are valid. I’m sure there is some linter you could set up in a local IDE that might catch stuff like that. I don’t know - I’m a mobile developer so I don’t deal with HTML much.

ok. I will look it up. Thanks again.

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