Help Needed With Product Landing Page

HI there,
Could anyone help me with a specific problem I have with my Landing Page project. I have an indent appearing in my finished page that I cannot find the cause of in my coding and so cannot rectify. The indent appears before the first item in the “Features” section. Here is my Pen:
Thank you in advance for any pointers or assistance you can give.

I took a look at your project.
Actually, if you make the screen wide enough, you can see that all 3 .cards are not aligned with each other
That is because the container #features has an align-items: center;
The first card seems to be indented because it has less text than the other two, so it shrinks(because it doesn’t need as much space) and centers itself(because of align-items: center;). The other two just seem to be aligned, because they have approximately the same amount of content. If you gave your .cards some background-color or outline, it would be even clearer.
Hope this helps.

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Many thanks #isimeri, I will look at that :+1:
Just removed that align argument, and it all works fine. Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

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