Help needed with Random Quote Machine in CodePen

Hi everybody. I have completed Random Quote Machine in my computer, but now I want to place it in CodePen. I have adjusted the JS settings to use Babel, react and react.dom. In my computer I have develop the app without the react-app. I have pasted the “About.jsx” file in the JS(Babel) section which I suppose is wrong because I cannot see anything and in addition I have a “ReferenceError: exports is not defined”. What can I do. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Amapola-Negra
Pens don’t support multiple files or exports.
You need to create a codepen project instead.
Or you can use

Many thanks!! Does the test work with the project in codepen and with codesandbox? Thanks in advance.

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Yeah the test suite works with either.
Or you can develop it locally and deploy your project using something like Netlify.
As long as you submit a live link, then the system will accept the project

Many thanks again! I’m learning a lot! How can I deploy the project I did with Netlify? Thanks in advance.

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Are you familiar with Git and GitHub?
If not, then you can go through this freecodecamp course.
Learning about version control is really important.

If you are already familiar with Git and GitHub, then you can log into Netlify using you GitHub account.
Then click on add new site - import an existing project
Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 10.25.50 AM

Connect with your GitHub profile, select your repo and walk through the steps to deploy your site.

Many thaks again. I’m also learning git and github so I’m going to follow the course you recommend my to place my project in github. I Love codecamp! Thanks in advance.

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Hi again. Do I need to place all the folder “node-modules” in github? Thanks in advance.

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No, you are not supposed to push your node_modules to GitHub.
You need to add it to your .gitignore file

Ok. Many thanks again Jessica. I have added the .gitignore file to my repository. I’m new at this. So I have lots of doubts.
I see that when I open my project folder in VS Code there are a lot of files and folders but, when I open the folder outside of it, many of them are not visible. I have uploaded the visible ones into my repository.
I have created the “.gitignore” and the “.babelrc” files and copy pasted the content because when I uploaded them github told me the files were not visible.
Another doudt is that I have created a repository, I don’t know if I have to create a project instead.
Is it my repository that I have to connect to Netlify? Thanks again for your help.

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It would probably help to see your actual repositiory to see what is going on.
Can you share the link to your repo?

Yes. Netlify will ask you to connect to your GitHub account.
Then it will ask you which repo you want to create the website for.

Ok Jessica. This is the link :

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Everything looks good to me.
What files were you expecting to see on there that aren’t?

You are right. I thought there was something missing, but this is not the case. So I can go on and share my repo with Netlify. Thanks again.

Regards :grin:

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