Help needed with scrollable navbar for Technical Document project


I have been struggling last few hours and not able to figure out how to add a scrollable navbar to to the left of my page (which will have the links to the topics in the document).

I tried using a div and making it scrollable, using lists within a div, using navbar and making it scrollable but all failed.

The only thing that worked was that I was able to get the navbar to the left but could not add scrolling to it. I was able to add scrolling to the div container but was unable to align it to the left as a static navbar.

Can someone please help? Like point me in a direction where I can figure this out? Really want to get this project done today. :frowning: ( I don’t want to copy the example code and want to do it by myself)

Thank you and cheers!

P.S.: Here is the link to FCC example.

Thanks for that, I feel stupid now. Going to try and add that to the list container inside the navbar and keep the size off the header.