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Im having a hard time understanding this code, I just began to code and its a self improvement project. Also, feedback: Responsive web dev explanations S U C K compared to the legacy courses. In the legacy, i could easily understand most tasks and objectives, but in the new version, I was stuck in lesson 6 FOR DAYS that used the word
I N D E N T. and turns out, it’s a fancy word for SPACE! i was ready to rip what little hair i had from my receding hairline. And can we please for the love of all holy things get 2 buttons on the top of the courses to quickly cycle through the courses that you have completed?

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    <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
    <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
    <p>Click here to view more <a href=""Target_blank>cat photos</a>.</p>
    <img src="" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back.">
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Challenge: Step 13

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What exactly do you require help with? You want us to explain given code line-by-line, or just help you understand why is it failing tests?

And if second option, it is due to syntax error.

<a href=""Target_blank>cat photos</a> <--- Yours

You have to separate attributes with space, and each attribute has a value specified like this: <tag attribute="VALUE" attribute="VALUE"></tag>

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explanation of the code line by line, also thank you becasue in the course, it didnt properly explain or i might have missed the ’ part, and the = was never mentioned in the course.

Thanks a bunch m8, I know i might be a monkey thats just bashing code and trying to ram it through, but you really helped me out. thanks!

Your explanation is perfect without, the solution. Please refrain from Submit out right solutions. I have edited your post.

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Understanding is one thing, but explaining it to someone else is whole other challenge. Hopefully others will correct me, if I’m wrong on the explanations.


Everything inside is declared to browser as html element, it’s basically a backbone of your html code.


Everything in the body tag is what actually will be displayed on the the page. Whatever you “build” goes inside, and will be visible to user.

<h1></h1> is a heading, and <p></p> is a paragraph. 

You may remember them from school, back in the essay days. Heading is basically a topic of next couple of paragraphs, you write your websites using these. Whatever text content you put in should be divided into headings and paragraphs. The higher the number in a heading, the smaller the text is going to be. You use h2 as a subsection of h1, h3’s as subsections of h2’s, and so on.

<a href = 'LINK'>this will be a clickable link</a>

Anchor tag allows you to create a clickable link, leading to website specified in href=‘LINK’

<img src='LINK' alt='alt is a text that users can see, if provided picture failed to load.'

Image tag allows you to put a picture inside your website, picture location must be specified as a value of “src” attribute, like this: <iWantImage getItFromHere='FROM HERE'>

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