HELP! No output is showing for my code!

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The output of the code is not showing anywhere on page. I thought it was supposed to show in the bottom box on the right. It showed for some previous exercises but is not showing any more. I refreshed page but still not showing. I can’t see any button to run what I am writing so how can I learn the effects of different inputs?

At the moment its just either right or wrong…

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// Example
var firstLetterOfFirstName = "";
var firstName = "Ada";

firstLetterOfFirstName = firstName[0];

// Setup
var firstLetterOfLastName = "";
var lastName = "Lovelace";

// Only change code below this line
firstLetterOfLastName = lastName;

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In this exercise there is not the line that say “print this to the console”

For example in this case you can add an an extra line to your code and write as last line this:


This will show in the console the value of the variable firstLetterOfLastName

Thanks for your answer, but it’s not for this exercise in particular, I mean every exercise I cannot see the output of my code… even if I get the correct answer I still can’t see anything it just shows a tick sign

before clicking enter to next challange you can check your output man
if you get tick means you pass the text case now it’s your job to check for output

Gunjan brother, what do you mean it’s your job to check output? I’m just saying at the bottom is it not supposed to show what your code result is?

I’m not seeing anything there. It says something like “your code output will show here” but nothing shows it just stays the same…

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bro @rudihinds chill i mean you can check the output if you wish that’s all
Happy Coding

If I click to next challenge it just takes me to the next page immediately

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it’s okay you are going good

before clicking only you have to check the output
but after passing all test case you can still check the output by closing that green tick tab and on right side you can do that all

What do you mean by output?

Like, the value of things in your code or the result of the tests?

Like the results, normally what the console would return. I want to see different results if I change the code. At the moment only it tells me yes it is right, or no it is wrong.

Even if its right I want to visualise the result of my code so it makes more sense to me.

thanks for your help

You need to tell to your code what you want to see in the console, so you can use the console.log() line to say to your code what you want to appear in the console

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console.log() or use alert()

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you are a superstar! that works. Thank you for your patience and help. Keep up the good work that was driving me crazy

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