Help on Academic Honesty Policy

Objective: Build a app that is functionally similar to this:

I also build like same but I didn’t even see the code. I want to know did I make any mistake my code like is below. I just read the Academic Honesty Policy . So please help me to understand and lemme know I am safe or in trouble.

“I pledge that I did not plagiarize any of my freeCodeCamporg work. I understand that freeCodeCamporg’s team will audit my projects to confirm this.”

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“Am I cheating” is a good question, and it’s one that many campers have already asked on the forums. Please see this topic for an in-depth discussion, and a quick search will bring up a wealth of other topics from your peers. Please feel free to contribute to any of those.


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I do agree with @nhcarrigan’s suggestion on reading thorugh the previous topics where this issue is brought up. Make sure to look at Quincy’s response to the issue.

I do want to clear up this idea of what it means to create a project that is functionally similar.

This is my own Technical Document page and I will explain why it is functionally similar but does not fall into the category of plagiarism or violate academic honesty.

In my project, all of the user stories pass which is where the functionally similar part comes in. I made sure I had a class of nav-link, my navbar is on the left hand side for laptop sizes, etc. But from there, I chose my own content and style.

There is nothing wrong with choosing JavaScript for your technical document page. Functionally similar does not mean that you have to choose the same sections and content that FCC chose for the sample page. For example, you could have sections on Regular Expressions, ES6 features, Error handling, etc in addition to Variables, and functions, etc.

Don’t feel like you are bound to the FCC sample. Think of it more like a guide or skeleton to build from.

Hope that clears it up.


This is my first project that’s why I make this mistake. In upcoming projects I will make sure to do something different and creative​:blush::blush:.

Thank you !
Jessica Wilkins

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