Help on FCC YouTube courses

I’ve been watching some very nice and mostly excellent courses for which I regularly receive email notifications from FCC.

I’ve discovered that all the comments there are gushing compliments. They are deserved, but I often find problems when following the project building that are not answered in the teacher notes.

Where is there an appropriate place to post questions for help on those courses? For example, I am following some courses by Craig Dennis: Webhooks for beginners and APIs for beginners.

I’d like to ask for some help or suggestions.

you can try in the comments of the video

but you can also ask here

Thanks. I did try leafing comments in the video, but there is never a response either from the other commenters or from the lecturer.

I am hopeful that asking here may be more fruitful. I’ll try that.

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Hi @silvanet! I was out on break, sorry for missing your messages. I think I answered them in the comments, but also happy to discuss here for others to find.

Thanks for raising your questions!