Help on my product-page

Why does my page have an empty space on the right, if there is nothing. I want to remove the imaginary space that causes the scrollbar to be created.
The solution is not overflow-x: hidden; because I’ve tried it and it still has that imaginary “space” on the right.
I hope you can help me. I know it’s a long code for someone new.
Thank you.

  1. Remove width: 100vw on #body-exterior

  2. Remove width: 100% on #body-interior

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amazing… haha
Thank you very much.
I never imagined that was the problem

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Setting full width sometimes does funny things.

Unless you need to limit the width or have to explicitly set it (e.g. a position fixed element) you should try without setting a width first and only add it as needed.

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Thanks for the tip
I always put width: x; when I create an element.
I have to change the way I do it and do what you tell me!

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