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I am almost finished with my website and I’d like help figuring out a couple minor details. So, I have font awesome in my site for the white icons inside the gray bubbles (towards the bottom). However, depending on the screen size the icons are either on the top or the bottom of the bubble when they need to be centered. How would I fix this?


Bubbles off center:

Secondly, the footer isn’t made for all devices for height either. When I have dev tools open and I play with different filters, the Nexus 5 has white below the footer. How do I fix this?

I appreciate all of the help of this community. FCC has been a god send!

Happy Holidays!

Updated for clarification.

Hey Kyle, everything looks great to me in dev tools… are you still having problems with the site? If so, please mark your title to “[Solved] blah blah”, or add more clarification. Nice work on site!

do this changes:


    change display: inline-block; to
    display: table;

```.social-links span i {
    delete align-self: center;
    change margin: 0 auto; to
    margin: 0;
    add padding: 0;
    add display: table-cell;
    add vertical-align: middle;

you can use flexbox too.

have fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: I couldn't make your footer problem in nexus 5 simulator 
I have chrome 55.0.2883.87 m 32bit windows 8.1
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