Help on Personal Portfolio


I am unable to understand the viewport issue.

  • User Story #11: The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport.

The nav bar is fixed. But, still it’s showing the error and unable to pass the exam.

text-align: right;
position: fixed;
background-color: #e0ebe8;

The link to pen is Personal Portfolio

Guyz, i solved it. Placed the nav bar id to earlier it was to


Even if all the tests passed I think it would be much better if you improved the design of your website.

Thanks for suggestion PaloDiBello. I am begineer and learning the web dev. Definitely I will improve the design.

Look into other technologies like flexbox, bootstrap, sass, etc. Move on from html/css because you will never master it, I am learning that myself. CSS requires time to master and to be able to design something cool with pure css. Once you look into other technologies, it will become easier to design/develop cool stuff.

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Thanks bro for your valuable suggestion. I am following the curriculum of the freecodecamp and pacing through it.