Help on Product Landing page

Hey @dreamo123.
When you add more content the video is going down. There is no mistake in this.

Yeah if I add more content, it’s working fine. It’s taking me to the paragraph.

My only fear is, is this considered a problem in designing if they miss the mark?

Please can you detail more?
Sorry for asking.

I mean if they don’t point to the exact locations, for example now the video is going down, with the adding of paragraphs. If a webpage contains these type of issues, is it considered a bad design from developer Point of view?


Why you did not add CSS?

Even if you want you can add a border to say to the user that this is the end of the section.

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I will add CSS. I just wanted to rectify any html issues first before adding CSS.

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Do you have any other doubts ?

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No. Thank you. This is the only problem I had so far with this project.

Previously I did a survey form project, can you take a look?

Nice Work.
Simple and neat.

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Thank you, for taking your time and helping me @Codely

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you could post in the #project-feedback subforum to get feedback on your projects

Hey @ilenia!
I think @dreamo123 didn’t ask for reviews but just a doubt.

you just gave a feedback on a survey form that is not the topic of this thread - so I gave a place where @dreamo123 can get feedback from more people on their projects

@dreamo123 hello, you might want to check the following link - smooth scroll effect with CSS and jquery (for the future )

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id is not the correct way to designate an anchor link.

Also, you don’t really have any content to scroll to. You could add dummy text as placeholder to test it out.

Hey @nycoder_aw!
I told @dreamo123 that you have coded like this.

Sorry, I replied to the wrong person!

But, best practice is not to use ‘id’ for anchor tags. It’s for JavaScript.

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