HELP on the 2nd project - MARKDOWN PREVIEWER

Hey guys, PLEASE how to parse a markdown code to an html? I’ve used the new Remarkable() object, then called the render method with no success. It’s said on the http:localhost:3000 page Remarkable is not defined . What to do please?

const md = new Remarkable();
<div id="preview" className="previewer" dangerouslySetInnerHTML = {{__html: md.render(this.state.markdown)}}/>

Are you using the Remarkable package?

Have you followed the usage instructions from the docs?

From the little snippet you’ve included here it’s not clear.

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Hey @JacksonBates thanks a lot. I didn’t know there were a lot to do like that. Installing the Remarkable package(i didn’t know about this), before using its instances. Thanks now i have to manage well the css.

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