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please help this is starting to give me headache. When i run word like “WHY” this is return “YWHAY”. but this “Should handle words without vowels.” is not passed. PLEASE PLEASE HELP
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function translatePigLatin(str) {
	var x = str.match(/[aeiou]/);
	var y = str.indexOf(x);
	if(y > 0) {
		return str.slice(y) + str.slice(0, y) + 'ay'
	} else if(y === -1) {
		return str.slice(length - 1) + str.slice(0, length - 1) + 'ay'
  return str + 'way';


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You have a variable length never defined anywhere that makes your code not work.

Solved that, your function returns ywhay, when it should return whyay, as in this case the consonant cluster is the whole word so you jsut need to add ay at the end