Help Please, Stuck in this lesson

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I have looked at hints, watched the video 4 times, I’m not even getting any “X” s when I run the test. Nothing?!!

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function functionWithArgs(1,2); { console.log(1+2);}

function functionWithArgs(7,9); {console.log(7+9);}

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Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments

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You need to look at the basic syntax for the functions and how to call them :slight_smile:

Defining a function

function(parameter 1, parameter2) {
    //do something
    //return a value or maybe console.log()

calling a function

functionName(parameter1, parameter2)

Make sure you’re putting semi colons in the proper places and are actually calling the function and passing it the necessary parameters. Hope that helps!

Thank you for answering quickly, I changed it, but it still won’t even run the tests. :cry:

First declare your function:

function functionWithArgs(arg1, arg2) {
return arg1 + arg2;

then call your function, passing it your arguments:

functionWithArgs(1, 2)

The challenge is asking you to console log your result not return it so change that part of the code.

Make sure you fully understand functions before moving on they are extremely important.