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Hello everyone,
Been stuck for three days, and just need one more test to complete the task.
I know there are similar posts but none of them seemed to help me. If anyone can advise me on why my code is not passing, namely, the
" Your img element should have a display of block ." test.

Code is below:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">
<main id="main">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
<h1 id="title">Yin & Yang</h1>
<div id="img-div">
<a id="tribute-link" target="_blank" href="">

<img src=""
  margin="0 auto"
  display= "block"

<figcaption id="img-caption"> Yin and Yang 


<p id="tribute-info">
Yin and yang (/jɪn/ and /jæŋ/) is a Chinese philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces.


The only style being set on this img is max-width:100%.

You might want to google the style attribute to see how to set multiple properties on an element. Or you could set all of these in the style sheet.

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GAH! Thank you so much. Passed thanks to you. :slight_smile:

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