Help please: Twitch TV Stream App won't access closed accounts

For some reason I can’t access closed Twitch accounts using $.ajax and getJSON my code is available here:

Please help

Hey, it does give an error in your console. But the API does return something. You can check that by simply pasting the API url in your browser: {"error":"Unprocessable Entity","status":422,"message":"Channel 'brunofin' is not available on Twitch"}. And you can acces it in you succes function of your json call. You can for example use:
if(data.error){ alert(data.message); }

This is something you’ll have to workaround in your code. Because Twitch will always respond with a status of 422, you’ll have to have some code that deals with users who no longer have accounts.

Also, you need to switch the order of jQuery and Bootstrap in your JavaScript declarations. jQuery should come first as Bootstrap depends on it:

Oh BenGitter you genius thank you so much it’s been 3 days of back and forth and trying different methods.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, rookie error I’ve tried so many different methods to fix this I think I’ve added more errors to my code than I started with

I notice you were talking about the issue of DATA.ERROR not return a message… can you provide some guidance… I put if(json.error) { }
and it produces nothing…

please help