Help please with JS code

can any one please help me with below code what is wrong with it the function is not working

function receivedMessage(event) {
  var senderID =;
  var recipientID =;
  var timeOfMessage = event.timestamp;
  var message = event.message;

  console.log("Received message for user %d and page %d at %d with message:", 
    senderID, recipientID, timeOfMessage);

  var messageId = message.mid;

  var messageText = message.text().toLowerCase();
  var messageAttachments = message.attachments;

  if (messageText.indexOf('') > -1) { 

    switch (messageText) {  
      case 'hi' :case 'hey':
      sendTextMessage(senderID, "Hello, How can i help you");
  } else if (messageAttachments) {
    sendTextMessage(senderID, "Message with attachment received");

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Can you explain what you expect to happen and what you are seeing instead?

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In terms of helping you with your project, we need to know the answers to @RandellDawson’s questions before we could even start to help.

thanks @RandellDawson i am actually no coder ,with no knowledge of code, but i working on a FB bot and want the function that if i received a massage with specific word in the massage sentence to reply with specific massage

that’s it :slight_smile: